Short Love Quotes to Say to Your Partner & Phrases Not to Say

Relationships are fragile, they require work and patience, but harmony is easily destroyed, so we prepared some good short love quotes and tips for you and the one you love. Sometimes a couple of poorly chosen words are enough. Try never, even under the influence of strong emotions, not to say these words to your partner. And if you hear them addressed to you, make it clear that this is unpleasant for you.

1. “He would do it for me”
The main rule of relationships: never remember the former and do not compare your current partner with them. It is impossible to compete with the past, which only breeds complexes, neuroses and feelings of inferiority. In addition, this will raise the question: is it true that the previous relationship ended, or do you want to continue? If you need a partner to do something for you, say it directly, without references to bygone days and people.

Love is the main reason for everything in the world. - Quote by QuotesBook

Love is the main reason for everything in the world

2. “That’s the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard”
Sometimes it is difficult, but try to perceive all the partner’s ideas and decisions with understanding and respect. Otherwise, he will simply stop sharing them with you, and you will feel uncomfortable. It is impossible to speak contemptuously or derogatorily about thoughts and actions. And if something in his behavior seems stupid or inappropriate to you, say so tactfully.

You bring out all the best in me. - Quote by QuotesBook

You bring out all the best in me

3. “It’s your fault”
Shifting responsibility onto someone else’s shoulders does not solve the problem, but it makes a breach in trust. Therefore, you should not poke the culprit with his nose into his mistakes, even if he really did wrong. It is better to think together how to find a way out of this situation. And then, when the problem is resolved and the passions subside, you can discuss what happened and figure out how to avoid a repetition.

Only with you my life is worthwhile. - Quote by QuotesBook

Only with you my life is worthwhile

4. “Sometimes I feel like hitting you”
Even if you never seriously think about the use of physical force, it is still better not to speak, even in jest, to relieve emotional stress. And even if you really can hardly restrain yourself from raising your hand. Sometimes the people you love get pissed off, but don’t tell them that you can hit them just in case.

I don’t need you to understand me but to love!. - Quote by QuotesBook

I don’t need you to understand me but to love!

5. “You can’t do anything right”
You really don’t think so, do you? Otherwise you wouldn’t be together. This phrase is very dangerous. The more often a person hears it, the lower self-esteem falls and the more he is disappointed in his abilities. There are no ideal people. Ask yourself: Is it worth ruining a relationship because your partner can’t hang a shelf or cook dinner the way you want?

Love is not a feeling. This is a choice. - Quote by QuotesBook

Love is not a feeling. This is a choice

6. “I told you”
Telling someone that you were right and he was wrong is very nice, don’t you agree? And then what? Are five minutes of dubious triumph worth a broken relationship? Everyone has the right to make mistakes and learn from them. And the task of a loving person is to support, come to the rescue and not condemn.

You aren’t the meaning of my life. You are my life. - Quote by QuotesBook

You aren’t the meaning of my life. You are my life

7. “If you loved me, you would never…”
This is already manipulation and an attempt at sophisticated pressure on a partner – a forbidden technique. Constantly forcing a partner to prove love and fulfill your wishes, you simply destroy the relationship. In the end, he will get tired of it and he will do everything in his own way. Try to find compromises and respect each other’s wishes.

There are no such words to express my love. - Quote by QuotesBook

There are no such words to express my love

8. “Don’t wear this anymore”
No one is immune from mistakes in choosing clothes. Refrain from criticizing the style and taste of your partner. If something in his wardrobe seems old-fashioned, funny or inappropriate to you, go shopping together.

Love is within us. Just open your heart. - Quote by QuotesBook

Love is within us. Just open your heart

9. “You are everything to me”
It sounds very nice, but in reality it belittles and devalues ​​you. You should not dissolve in another person, no matter how much you love him. In addition to relationships, you should have your own interests, priorities and goals in life.

All roads lead to love. - Quote by QuotesBook

All roads lead to love

10. “You are a complete zero for me”
Then why are you together? Perhaps you are trying to assert yourself at the expense of your partner, which is why you make him feel worthless. But this is clearly an unhealthy relationship. Stop torturing yourself and your partner too.

Two hearts in love need no words. - Quote by Marceline Desbordes-Valmore

Two hearts in love need no words

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