Short Love Quotes and Secrets of Finding the Right Person

How to find your person in love – our short love quotes and useful advices may help you with this. Those who are out of tune with themselves try to fill the inner void with something external. But empty people attract the same empty people or become victims of manipulators who underestimate their self-esteem. The only way to create a healthy relationship is to befriend yourself. This will kill two birds with one stone.

The course of true love never did run smooth. - Quote by William Shakespeare

The course of true love never did run smooth

First, you will become a healthier person and begin to attract the same self-sufficient people who will not need to assert themselves at your expense. Secondly, you will stop being afraid of loneliness.

When I tell people to be on their own for a while, they resist at first. I was like that too, and every time I stepped on the same rake, starting a relationship with the wrong people.

My ex-husband left me for another, and I decided that I would knock out a wedge with a wedge. But in a new relationship, neither I nor the man were happy. It took me years to befriend myself and find true love. This happened after I learned to be successful and happy on my own and stopped depending on others and their opinions about me.

Life without you is gray, long and meaningless. - Quote by QuotesBook

Life without you is gray, long and meaningless

What does it mean to build a relationship with yourself?

Learn to listen to yourself
Talk to yourself. Learn to spend time in silence by yourself. At first it will not be very comfortable, but in such “quiet” periods, a lot becomes clear. If you look at the screen of your smartphone or computer all the time, your brain is too busy to notice and evaluate what is happening in the world and within you. Learn to disconnect from external stimuli and listen to your inner voice.

All roads lead to love. - Quote by QuotesBook

All roads lead to love

Start being good to yourself
Tune in to desires, realize who you are as a person. Take up what you have wanted to try for a long time. Sign up for a foreign language course, start drawing, or learn to ride a motorcycle. You can go on a journey alone. Sounds intimidating? Perhaps at first it will seem like this to you, but you will get involved in the process and get an irreplaceable experience and pleasure. Learn to enjoy your own company.

Love can't stand pride. - Quote by QuotesBook

Love can’t stand pride

How to find “your” person?

Give the will of sadness
Accept your losses. Allow yourself to cry, be sad, or angry. When you learn to live sad events, you will not be afraid of new losses. By letting go of your fear, you can make better choices.

Love cannot be described, only felt. - Quote by QuotesBook

Love cannot be described, only felt

Be friends with self-sufficient people
When I left my husband and moved with the kids to Massachusetts, I was scared. If I had not found a job, I would never have dared to move. At that time, someone gave me valuable advice: “Make friends with people who have what you dream of.” I did so. My new girlfriends were happy and lived a fulfilling life. Not all were married, but loneliness did not weigh them down.

Trust only those people, who deserve it. - Quote by QuotesBook

Trust only those people, who deserve it

Learn to relax
Take a bubble bath or go to a spa, get to know your body self. Cut out outside noise, only audio for relaxation and meditation is allowed. As you learn relaxation techniques, don’t try to get it right. It will come gradually.

Love alone could waken love. - Quote by Pearl S. Buck

Love alone could waken love

Learn to value minutes of loneliness
Try to imagine that a partner would be next to you now. Just don’t idealize him, think about quarrels, control and pointless squabbles. Let go of the illusion and admit that it is better to be alone than to suffer in an unhappy relationship.

When you learn to live in peace with yourself, you will love yourself and your life so much that you do not want to jeopardize it for the sake of a dubious relationship. Happiness will only depend on you.

Tell about your feelings and never regret. - Quote by QuotesBook

Tell about your feelings and never regret

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