Short Love Quotes to Explain Everything You Feel

Contrary to popular myth, in a healthy relationship there are bound to be crises and conflicts. From time to time, each partner will have dissatisfaction. These are natural and normal episodes in the life of a couple. Images with short love quotes will explain to the reader all aspects of the relationship and marriage issue. A mature relationship differs in how these periods are experienced and how the couple deals with them.

Lovers create each other. - Quote by QuotesBook

Lovers create each other

Love is worth fighting for. - Quote by QuotesBook

Love is worth fighting for

A mature marriage is said to involve meeting the needs of both partners. In such a case, someone’s dissatisfaction (whether it’s his or hers) is a task that is important for the two of them to solve. An important point: there are couples’ needs (which are satisfied precisely in the relationship), and there are individual and social needs.

Love can melt a heart of stone. - Quote by QuotesBook

Love can melt a heart of stone

The things I do for love. - Quote by George R.R. Martin

The things I do for love

That is, some desires can and should be realized only in a couple, and some have nothing to do with the partner at all. Sometimes it is difficult to draw a clear boundary, because it often happens that one need looks like another. The trouble is that we can hardly distinguish our own needs. We do a lot of what we “need.” So much that, over time, cease to hear their own “want. Short Love Quotes That Explain Everything You Feel will make your love stronger and more intense!

Your eyes are my greatest happiness and greatest danger. - Quote by QuotesBook

Your eyes are my greatest happiness and greatest danger

Because of love, you fly high, but falling hurts. - Quote by QuotesBook

Because of love, you fly high, but falling hurts

Perhaps some distance, living separately will help to look at the relationship in the family from the other side, so to speak, with a clear head. Short Famous Quotes About Love will teach you how to build a strong and happy relationship. When partners are constantly in close contact, they subconsciously look for flaws in each other, begins to pick on the little things. Temporary alienation will forget about the offenses, to remember all the good things. Perhaps you just need to arrange a separate vacation. You will have time to communicate with friends or a new hobby. This way you can not use in the case, when the relationship in a couple outlived itself, because it will lead to a final rupture, will make the spouses alien.

When I'm with you, the whole world falls into place. - Quote by QuotesBook

When I’m with you, the whole world falls into place

There are no accidents in life. Some acquaintances develop into something more than mere sympathy and communication. Lovers are ready to live together all their lives, together to overcome all the hardships and privations, to enjoy every day spent together and just love, selflessly and sincerely. Nevertheless, in every couple there are days when you notice that relations with the other half spoiled, harmony is broken. Often there are scandals out of the blue because of the nonsense. If you do not change anything, over time, loving people who have always understood each other, suddenly become just strangers living together. It is at this difficult time for the family must find the right solution, which will help restore peace and understanding, keep the family union. Short Famous Quotes About Love will make your love more intense and lively!

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