Short Business Quotes & Tips For Your Successful Grows

This time we are going to look at some short business quotes and useful tips that will help you to understand better ways for career and business grows.

What we do day in and day out determines who we are and affects a wide variety of areas of our lives, including our business and finances. Wealthy people are known to have habits that help them make money and not lose money. And what prevents you from financially prospering?

To get rich, you have to be making money while you're asleep. - Quote by David Bailey

To get rich, you have to be making money while you’re asleep

You must spend money to make money. - Quote by Plautus

You must spend money to make money

1. A Habit To Blame Others

Success in life almost always alternates with falls: we are all human and sometimes we make the wrong decisions. The question is, how do you react to failures, do they demoralize you, do they deprive you of the fuse to continue, do you take responsibility for what happened or blame others: parents, teachers, business partners, government, corporations.

By blaming others for what is happening to you, you unconsciously agree that the responsibility for your well-being lies in their hands. Why is that bad?

This waste of time and nerves will not make you richer. The people you blame probably don’t care. Moreover: they, quite possibly, are not even aware of your existence. Choosing a reliable partner, the right business idea, recruiting a good team, accepting or rejecting a job offer are all your responsibility. Even if you were “advised” to act in a certain way, or even “convinced”, all the same, you yourself made the final decision. Don’t forget this. This is exactly what rich people think: they take full responsibility for themselves, draw conclusions from their failures, and move on.
It destroys relationships with those whom you blame for everything, and with everyone else too. Considering that a particular person, company or government is to blame for everything that happens to you, you concentrate on your own anger and resentment and stop experiencing any other feelings, and this repels others.
It prevents you from changing something. Believing that others are to blame for everything, you take a passive position and do not even try to find a way out of the situation. Only by taking responsibility for yourself can you take a step towards your goals.

The art of communication is the language of leadership. - Quote by James Humes

The art of communication is the language of leadership

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today. - Quote by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today

2. Concentration On Activities That Do Not Improve Life

We all have a lot of worries and chores that need to be done every day. The question is, in what way are these activities changing your life. Obviously, three hours on your work project will be more rewarding in the long run than three hours at the bar. What else is wrong with such activities?

They rob you of your time, and that, time, is your most valuable resource.
They rob you of money too. Here again, the bar example seems appropriate. Or with weekly shopping trips for new things.
They get in the way of your goals. The more time you spend on anything that does not bring results, the more your dreams and goals drift away.
What to do instead of continuing to waste time:

learn something new – face-to-face or online;
help friends or family members achieve their goals;
write down your goals on paper and write down a plan for achieving them;
make a concrete plan for the week and for the day;
talk to those who also want to change their lives and / or are burning with some idea;
All of this is bound to improve your life at least a little. That being said, try to avoid things that harm your relationships with others and reduce your productivity, as well as:

reduce the time you spend in front of the TV, and certainly do not watch anything to the detriment of sleep;
Try to play less video games (using them as a stress reliever is okay, but know when to stop);
reduce the consumption of alcohol and junk food (there are many reasons to do this: these habits are harmful to health, reduce efficiency and lead to increased costs for doctors);
try to spend less time on social media and use them effectively – to communicate with others and build your personal brand, and not to mindlessly consume content.

Great businessmen are creators. - Quote by Eric Cantona

Great businessmen are creators

Having a second chance makes you want to work even harder. - Quote by Tia Mowry

Having a second chance makes you want to work even harder

3. Disrespect To Your Own Money

How can such disrespect be manifested? Let’s figure it out.

Refusal from savings. At least 10% of your income should fall into the piggy bank. You will spend this money on something really important in the future, and you will also be able to invest wisely. Until you do this, money does not work for you – rather, you do it.
Thoughtless spending. One of the worst forms of showing disrespect for money. Buying everything that catches your eye, but that you really do not need, you will remain poor. Especially if you do it to impress others and “match” them.
Blind investing. In the hope of quick and big profits, people lose everything they have earned. Don’t repeat their mistakes.
Gambling. It would seem, what is wrong with trying your luck with only a small fraction of your income? The fact that your winnings and losses are completely independent of you. The result is unpredictable – so why risk what you earned so hard? Plus, it can be addictive, so stay away from casinos and lotteries.
Spend time, effort and money on what really depends on you and can lead to the desired results, do not run from responsibility and respect your work and income. All of this will help you break the poverty cage and become a different person.

Good design is good business. - Quote by Ian Schrager

Good design is good business

Great companies are built on great products. - Quote by Elon Musk

Great companies are built on great products

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